Grooveshark on desktop outside browser

Grooveshark is a popular online music streaming service. You can listen to songs for free or subscribe to paid account for music listening with additional features. Ideally, you need to open web browser and then open Grooveshark website in it for music streaming. You can bypass this and

Open, edit & create Google Docs from desktop

Google Docs is a very good online Microsoft Office alternative. You can create, edit, publish and share word documents using rich online Google Docs editor. Ideally, you have to goto login into your Google account. Then create or edit existing documents online and

Upload files, photos, videos from desktop to Twitter: TwitDoc

Twitter is more than few characters of text. You can also share your favorite photos, videos withTwitter friends. TwitDoc desktop client makes document and file sharing very easy. Using this program you can upload and share documents, files, photos and videos from desktop with your Twitter

Upload photos to Facebook from desktop with free tool

Facebook has emerged as big social networking website with loads of users interacting with each other. Besides the interaction, Facebook users upload lots of photos to their respective accounts. No wonder Facebook has more photos than popular image hosting websiteslike Flickr and

Google Translate desktop client tool, Windows & Linux

If you often translate text using online Google Translate web service, then here is little utility to make language translation super easy using Google Translate desktop client tool. It is a small tool powered by Google Translate which allows language translation on the desktop without

See Joost videos on desktop, Adobe Air media player

Joost is a cool website to view loads of interesting video content. Now you can bring Joost videos from your browser to desktop using Adobe Air based Joost Media Player. The player has over 400 television shows, a library of over 10,000 music videos and a large selection of films. Player

Hulu Desktop version, videos outside web browser

Hulu is a very popular video website showcasing top TV shows and movies. However, Hulu video viewing is only available in USA (users in other parts of the world can only view it after applying geo-location hacks). Anyway, if you are Hulu viewer in United States - here is good news in the

Read New York Times on desktop with Times Reader

If you love reading NewYork Times articles and news reports - then Times Reader is for you. You can access content of NewYork Times website on Adobe Air based desktop application. So, why switch from web based NewYork Times to reader based NewYork Times? Well, interface of Times

bDule, Facebook & Twitter client for Win XP, Vista & 7

They keep coming with jazzy eye warming interfaces and here is the latest: bDule is cool looking desktop client for Facebook and Twitter activity tracking. You can customize look and chose template / skin that looks best to your eyes and then configure Facebook / Twitter logins to see some

Access Google Analytics data on desktop – Polaris

Google Analytics is an excellent service to keep statistical records of any website. You can keep track of daily visitors, pageviews, search keywords brining traffic to your website. Ideally, one can access analytics data in web browser by logging into your account at Google Analytics

Use Twitter at Office work, disguised as MS Excel

Twitter addictions can get you fired if you are using Twitter during office time. If your office does not allow use of Twitter but you still want to use it (can't help it) - then you could be little safe by accessing twitter using SpreadTweet. This software mimics looks of Microsoft Excel,

Google Calendar alert reminders on desktop, Gminder

Are you tired of keeping browser window open to track and remain updated with events in Google Calendar? Now you can avoid all this with Gminder desktop client and close web browser window showing online Google Calendar. Gminder is a small programs that sits in system tray and give you