Disable Google Analytics script & prevent data tracking

Google Analytics (google.com/analytics) is a popular service from Google to tracking visitor activity on a website. Number of blogs and websites use Google Analytics code to capture and record details of users visiting websites. Till now, end user surfing websites that contain Google

Google Analytics application gallery

For starters, Google Analytics (google.com/analytics) is a free website activity tracking service from Google. With Google Analytics you can track daily visitors, pageviews, unique hits and much more information for your blog or website. If you happen to use Google Analytics for your web

Import Google Analytics data in MS Excel [Office plugin]

Excellent Analytics is a free Microsoft Excel plugin to import Google Analytics data into an Excel spreadsheet. After the import you can manipulate and save date for further analysis. You can build queries with all dimensions and metrics available in Google Analytics. Also apply filters to

Google Analytics widescreen desktop wallpapers

Google logos across different web services has undergone makeover. Even logo for Google Analytics service is all new and fresh. Celebrating the new look are following Google Analytics desktop wallpapers created by Brett Crosby and Leo Baghdassarian from the Google Analytics Team. There are

Access Google Analytics data on desktop – Polaris

Google Analytics is an excellent service to keep statistical records of any website. You can keep track of daily visitors, pageviews, search keywords brining traffic to your website. Ideally, one can access analytics data in web browser by logging into your account at Google Analytics

Integerate Adsense & Analytics for better performance

This buzz has been going around for a while now and finally it has arrived - ability to integrate your Google Adsense and Google Analytics account. This will be very good to understand user behaviour and tracking other aspects of money making with Adsense.

Access Google Analytics on iphone with myAnalytics

myAnalytics is a good alternative for webmaster or bloggers on the move. Using this, one can access Google Analytics data of any website. You can view detailed statistics of any website or blog listed in Google Analytics account. It also supports multiple Google Analytics accounts and