$1 = Rs1, Adsense Goofup Exchange Rate Figure !


[$1=Rs1] Coming Diwali could be real bad if this Google Adsense ‘Goofup’ is TRUE. So, if you have made $100 in a month from Adsense – only expect to be paid Rs 100 instead of usual Rs 4500

Many Adsense publishers are reporting exchange rate as [$1 = Rs1] instead of usual [$1 = Rs45]. This looks like a system error and not an ERROR in real.

However, since this error is showing in Adsense panel of number of Adsense publishers – things seems to be heating up. Check this DigitalForum thread with witty comments like:

“LOL… if this is true then all Indian Adsense users will start seeking job in India again.. and leave adsense… I am also damn sure this is just a error.”

“OMG It seems real and it is although think and wish that it is a System Glitch. In my account it is showing the same thing… hope google correct that thing sooon!”

Hey Adsense users, check your Adsense account for Dollar – rupee exchange rate under ‘My Account’ tab. This is creating some stress among Adsense publishers but in REAL there is nothing to worry. Google for sure will fix this. Thanks to Tony Pal and Aseem Jha for heads up.


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