‘Let Me Google That for you’ – for simply Google DUMB


Using internet (and Google) is not cup and coffee for everyone. There are folks around, who may not know about Google and how to use it?

‘Let Me Google That for you’ is a cool way of helping people wanting to Google some stuff but don’t know the procedure. Yeah procedure, sounds like a plan for Google Dumb.

So, if your friend is asking for information about ‘Microsoft’. Rather than explaining the procedure to Google around or send related link bombing for Microsoft – here is damn easy way with a twist of humour.

Just enter keyword Microsoft and hit the enter key. You will get link in this form: http://www.letmegooglethatforyou.com/?q=microsoft Pass this link to your dear friend and let him see interesting action. First, your friend will see animation showing how you use Google to search and then the actual Google result page for ‘Microsoft’ keyword. ‘Let Me Google That for you’ its cool!


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