Download Windows 7 RC, specs & installation

Windows7 RC (Release Candidate) version is now available for free download. This will be available at least through July 2009. The RC will expire on June 1, 2010. Starting on March 1, 2010, your PC will begin shutting down every two hours. Windows will notify you two weeks before the

Windows 7 release launch date – October 2009 ?

UPDATE - Launch Date confirmed as Oct 22, 2009 Microsoft has not confirmed official release launch date of Window7  OS but giving pointers to early 2010 launch. However, Acer is confirming Windows7 launch date as 23 October 2009. Considering positive response to Windows 7 and falling

Skype 3.0 beta Win Mobile get SMS & file transfer

Skype 3.0 Beta for Windows Mobile is out with two cool features of sending SMS and File transfer. Now you can send and receive documents on the move. You can make secure and private skype to skype transfer of sensitive data over unsecured WiFi networks. You can be in any part of the

Google Chrome get new blog & beta release version

Google is heavily promoting Google Chrome web browser as a sound alternative to Internet Explorer and Firefox. Looks like things are shaping well for Google as far Google Chrome is concerned. Google Chrome now has its own blog which announced new beta release of Chrome browser. New beta

Windows7 Beta download links & installation

Window7 buzz is in the air, we have already seen 'vista to windows7 upgrade' details and cool official Windows7 videos. Here is the most important part of downloading and installing Windows7 on your computer. You can download Windows7 from Official Windows7 webpage on Microsoft website

Download Picasa for Mac (beta)

Picasa from Google is one cool piece of software to view and manage photos with ease. Till now, it was available for Windows based computer - Picasa for Mac is now out with beta tag. Being an initial release number of features are missing including: webcam capture, geotagging, online

Official Windows7 Beta Wallpapers Pack

Windows7 beta was leaked on torrent network. Many downloaded and installed Windows7  to test out new baby from Microsoft. Official Windows7 Beta release should happen very soon in Jan 2009. Windows7 beta comes with fresh load of cool official wallpapers. There are over 40 colorful

Window7 Beta on Microsoft website, Download when?

Microsoft is eager to drop curtains on much anticipated Windows7 operating system. Latest in addition is launch of Windows7 Beta page on Microsoft website. It gives introduction about Windows7 and links to official announcement blogs. There is no active download links as of now. It

Download WordPress 2.7 Beta1, Visual Makeover

Beta1 of Wordpress 2.7 is out and is available for test drive. Wordpress 2.7 brings new visual design makeover for wordpress dashboard with links aligned on left side. As pointed by Wordpress Blog, Beta 1 provides the best experience in Firefox and Safari. They are working on IE and

Download Adobe Air Beta for Linux, Available Now

Adobe Air is one cool technology platform that supports even cooler apps like Font Picker, TweetDeck, ReadAir, Twhirl and many more. Adobe Air for Mac and Windows has been around for a while now. Now, Adobe Air (Beta) for Linux is out that enables Linux users

Internet Explorer 8 Beta2 out for a test drive

Internet Explorer 8 has been making lot of buzz for its interesting new features. Topping the list is 'off the record' inprivate browsing that allows web browsing without leaving any trace of your activities (porn browsing full ON).