Compare loading speed of two websites

Do you want to compare loading speed of your website or blog with other website? There are number of online tools for measuring website loading speed and exhaustive analysis of factors causing slow loading speed. For example: online tool GTmetrix analyse website using Yahoo Yslow and

Test website speed: Yslow + PageSpeed = GTmetrix

Google wants to speed up the web and as a result included 'website speed' is an important factor for searching engine ranking. Besides checking speed details in Google Webmaster Tools, you can also use Yahoo Yslow and Google page speed plugins for detailed analyses of website loading time

Check website speed & performance in Google Webmaster tool

Google Webmaster tool provide an easy way to track status of your website or blog in Google search engine results. It has now added new experimental and very useful feature to check on the speed of your website or blog. To us this feature, your website or blog must be added to Google

Surf web faster – Enable Turbo Mode in Opera 10

Opera 10 beta version is available for download with loads of new features. Turbo Mode feature is getting all the attention for speedy web browsing experience. With Turbo Mode turned ON, you can surf websites faster like never before on the same (slow?) internet connection. Opera

5 Ways to Surf Websites Faster on Slow Net Connection

There are number of ways to tweak Internet connection to load website faster. Website loads slow due to CSS formatting, images, javascripts and other elements. If we remove these elements, websites for sure will load faster.

10 Resources to Check speed of Internet Connection

Do you feel your internet is working at slow speed than promised speed by ISP? Downloads getting slower and web surfing getting tacky? You can get the REAL download and upload speed of your internet connection using any of the following free online web service. Test and measure your

How to Optimize & Reduce size of MySql Database?

MySql database form backend of many online applications including Wordpress blogs. For starters Mysql can be scary place to play around with. Size of a database is very important for easy management. Optimizing Mysql database can greatly reduce overall size of your database. For

Measure World Wide Wait of your Site with WebSlug

World Wide wait of a website? Well, another cool name to represent speed of a website using web tool WebSlug. No download, no login, enter the URL and get to know the speed of your website (in secs). WebSlug measures load time as the user sees it. The time it takes for a page to load