10 Resources to Check speed of Internet Connection


Do you feel your internet is working at slow speed than promised speed by ISP? Downloads getting slower and web surfing getting tacky?

You can get the REAL download and upload speed of your internet connection using any of the following free online web service. Test and measure your internet connection speed.

1. Speed.io It has jazzed up interface, hit the speed test button to get going. You will get ‘download’ and ‘upload’ speed results in few seconds with overall quality rating among good, excellent etc.

2. 2Wire Speed TestClick on speed meter button located at the top of the homepage. It will show your connection speed in few seconds (in kbps). Quiet reliable!

3. McAfee Speed TestInternet connection speed meter service from McAfee. Just hit the ‘check speed’ button and result is shown in flash. Very quick!

4. Intel Speed TestOnline internet speed test from Intel. Hit the start button and you will get results with cool graphical display. Quick and reliable.

5. Bandwidth PlaceIt has simple and effective interface to check speed of internet connection. Get going by clicking ‘start’ button – was bit slow to complete the speed check.

6. Speedtest It is a broadband speed test with servers located all over the world. You can compare results with others and even share them. Too many options for a speed test.

7. Speakeasy It allows you to chose specific server location among number of options. Then, it displays speed results related to selected server location.

8. Kify Internet Speed Test Look for link ‘Test your Bandwidth Speed Now!’ in the maze of advertisements and click it. Results are shown in nice comparative graphical manner.

9. TracertAnother no fuss online speed test service. It is quick and shows result in a graphical manner for bette understanding in speed hierarchy.

10. CNET Bandwidth Meter It involve few options before you get going with the speed test. You need to enter area code, connections type, ISP and then hit ‘GO’ button for the actual test.

Which service or application do you use to measure internet connection speed? Share with us by adding a comment!



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