Automatically delete browsing history in IE8 on Exit


Ideally, you have to manually delete internet browsing history in Internet Explorer browser. Internet Explorer 8 makes life very easy browsing the web and managing copied cache history files. You can setup Internet Explorer 8 to automatically delete browsing history when you exit (or close) it.

Automatic method to delete history in IE8

1. Open Internet Explorer browser.
2. Goto Tools > Internet Options.
3. Click to check option “Delete browsing history on exit”.
4. Then click Apply, OK.

From now on, after every browsing session when you close Internet Explorer window – the browsing history will be deleted automatically in the background, without you having to click anywhere to delete it. Handy, isn’t it?



  1. I like this option at work, so I don’t worry about the history

  2. Our company has disabled the delete browsing history how can I over come this?

  3. hi, i have followed the steps, but in the browsing section it does not shows DELETE BROWSING HISTORY ON EXIT, how can i delete my history without going to tools > internet options > delete all??


  4. Hi, my computer doesn’t show the “DELETE BROWSING HISTORY ON EXIT”…it dissapeared from the options, how can i delete the history without going through Tools > internet options > delete all???

  5. Kyler IE Outreach Team says

    Great post. Another good option to keep your browsing history cache down, is the InPrivate Browsing feature which enables you to surf the web without leaving a trail in Internet Explorer.

    To learn more, head here:

    IE Outreach Team

  6. It isn’t, when you want to allow persistent login for your IE users…

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