Automatically delete browsing history in IE8 on Exit


Ideally, you have to manually delete internet browsing history in Internet Explorer browser. Internet Explorer 8 makes life very easy browsing the web and managing copied cache history files. You can setup Internet Explorer 8 to automatically delete browsing history when you exit (or close) it.

Automatic method to delete history in IE8

1. Open Internet Explorer browser.
2. Goto Tools > Internet Options.
3. Click to check option “Delete browsing history on exit”.
4. Then click Apply, OK.

From now on, after every browsing session when you close Internet Explorer window – the browsing history will be deleted automatically in the background, without you having to click anywhere to delete it. Handy, isn’t it?



  1. I like this option at work, so I don’t worry about the history

  2. Our company has disabled the delete browsing history how can I over come this?

  3. hi, i have followed the steps, but in the browsing section it does not shows DELETE BROWSING HISTORY ON EXIT, how can i delete my history without going to tools > internet options > delete all??


  4. Hi, my computer doesn’t show the “DELETE BROWSING HISTORY ON EXIT”…it dissapeared from the options, how can i delete the history without going through Tools > internet options > delete all???

  5. Kyler IE Outreach Team says:

    Great post. Another good option to keep your browsing history cache down, is the InPrivate Browsing feature which enables you to surf the web without leaving a trail in Internet Explorer.

    To learn more, head here:

    IE Outreach Team

  6. It isn’t, when you want to allow persistent login for your IE users…

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