Auto delete internet history in Firefox on exit

Clearing internet browsing history is very important to free up hard disk space and to keep your browsing details private from other users. Firefox users can easily setup automatic deletion of internet history files and private data. Firefox has handy feature that allows clearing of

View Internet History of all web browsers at one place

Lot of users install other web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari in addition to existing pre-installed Internet Explorer web browser on Windows computer. Each web browser allows you to view and manage browsing history in their own interface. Ever wanted to view Internet browsing

How to delete Flash history cache files

Flash is used by majority of websites to display interactive content. Popular websites like Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, Youtube use Flash to display specific parts of the content. Lot of advertisements, interactive landing pages use Flash for the dynamic display and thus history of website

Remove Options left sidebar on new Google Search

Google is experimenting with new 3 columns search results page interface. Besides the usual search results column at the center and advertisement column on the right side - there is new search options column on the left side. Since this is experimental feature, it is only displayed to

Clear Safari internet history & cookies on iPad

Just like PC or laptop, internet browsing history is also store on iPad. Safari browser app is used to surf webpages and hence it stores history of visited websites, cookies and cache details. You can easily clear internet history on Apple iPad by using options on Safari screen available

Automatically clear internet history in Chrome

Everytime you visit a website, its images and records are stored on your computer as a part of internet history. In Google Chrome, you can easily view and delete history date-wise or complete listing. Manually deleting internet history at start or close browsing session can be boring and

Turn off AutoComplete, AutoFill in Internet Explorer

AutoComplete feature in Internet Explorer provide suggestions while filling text boxes for email address and usernames. These suggestions are provided as per autocomplete browsing history stored in Internet Explorer. In a multi-user environment, showing autocomplete or autofill suggestions

Automatically delete browsing history in IE8 on Exit

Ideally, you have to manually delete internet browsing history in Internet Explorer browser. Internet Explorer 8 makes life very easy browsing the web and managing copied cache history files. You can setup Internet Explorer 8 to automatically delete browsing history when you exit (or

Delete Internet browsing history in Chrome

Just like any other browser, Google Chrome also store your daily internet browsing activity history. You can easily clear browsing history of specific day or whole browsing history in Google Chrome browser. Following are basic and alternative methods to wipe out internet browsing history

Delete Cookies of specific domain website in Firefox

Every website domain saves respective cookies on the computer. Firefox users can selectively chose to kill and delete cookies of any specific website domain being browsed using CookieKiller Firefox plugin. After the install, it adds options to delete cookies in the Firefox context menu and

See Internet history, cookies & visited URLs from IE cache

Details of every website visited using IE browser is stored in Internet Explorer cache. Viewing these details is not an easy task as you need to navigate through series of folders to see actual cache files. STG Cache Audit is a free program to view Internet Explorer cache with ease. It

Portable tool to Delete temporary files, cookies & cache

Over a period of time, Windows can accumulate lot of temporary data. It contains temporary files, cache, cookies, environment variable, temporary user info files and lots more. Ideally, you can delete each of these temporary files data by using different Windows functions. How about