See Internet history, cookies & visited URLs from IE cache


Details of every website visited using IE browser is stored in Internet Explorer cache. Viewing these details is not an easy task as you need to navigate through series of folders to see actual cache files. STG Cache Audit is a free program to view Internet Explorer cache with ease. It shows details of visited websites, URLs, cookies in very user friendly interface.

After download and install – launch the program to view details of current Internet Explorer cache. It has different views to see different type of details like: websites, URLs, cookies etc. Here are working screenshots for the same:

1. Summary View of Internet Explorer cache


2. See list of visited URLs


3. Details of Cookies stored in IE cache


It is a handy tool for quick view of browsing history and is ideal for administrators wanting to keep track of internet usage activity or parents wanting check kids browsing behavior. It also allows you to save displayed data as Excel, CSV, Text, HTML or quickly print it for hard copy reference. Download STG Cache Audit



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