Remove specific URLs from Chrome internet history

Just like any other browser, Google Chrome web browser store history of webpage URLs being browsed by users on the PC. While you can easily delete complete browsing history from Chrome, at times you may want to delete only specific URLs from Chrome history. Google Chrome provide easy and

Ways to start private Internet browsing in Chrome

Do you want to surf internet website without leaving trace of internet browsing or search history on the computer? Like many modern browsers, Google Chrome also support private (incognito mode) internet browsing. While browsing in private mode, no history cache or cookies are stored.

Automatically clear internet history in Chrome

Everytime you visit a website, its images and records are stored on your computer as a part of internet history. In Google Chrome, you can easily view and delete history date-wise or complete listing. Manually deleting internet history at start or close browsing session can be boring and

Automatically delete browsing history in IE8 on Exit

Ideally, you have to manually delete internet browsing history in Internet Explorer browser. Internet Explorer 8 makes life very easy browsing the web and managing copied cache history files. You can setup Internet Explorer 8 to automatically delete browsing history when you exit (or

Delete Internet browsing history in Chrome

Just like any other browser, Google Chrome also store your daily internet browsing activity history. You can easily clear browsing history of specific day or whole browsing history in Google Chrome browser. Following are basic and alternative methods to wipe out internet browsing history

Delete Cookies of specific domain website in Firefox

Every website domain saves respective cookies on the computer. Firefox users can selectively chose to kill and delete cookies of any specific website domain being browsed using CookieKiller Firefox plugin. After the install, it adds options to delete cookies in the Firefox context menu and

See Internet history, cookies & visited URLs from IE cache

Details of every website visited using IE browser is stored in Internet Explorer cache. Viewing these details is not an easy task as you need to navigate through series of folders to see actual cache files. STG Cache Audit is a free program to view Internet Explorer cache with ease. It

Portable tool to Delete temporary files, cookies & cache

Over a period of time, Windows can accumulate lot of temporary data. It contains temporary files, cache, cookies, environment variable, temporary user info files and lots more. Ideally, you can delete each of these temporary files data by using different Windows functions. How about

See Firefox usage stats, browsing history & download activity

Do you want see detailed & graphical stats of your internet browsing usage? About:me is a cool firefox addon, that reveal details user browsing statistics, history and download activity. It shows final statistics in an easy to understand bar graphs and pie charts. You can easily follow

How to delete hidden browsing internet history?

There are basic steps to delete internet and temporary files on the computer. We have also seen number of utilities (here and here) to clean up history mess. Even after so much effort, there could be still some files hidden safely shouting all about 'what you have been browsing?'. This

‘Wipe’ & clear browsing history, logs & temp files

Do you want to hide your online activities from other users of the same computer? Want to keep computer clean and healthy from deluge of temporary files, logs and cached files? 'Wipe' is a free application that does same with perfect ease. It can be used to clear user browsing history,

3 Steps to clear Temporary Files & speed up Windows

One should clear all temporary files, folders etc on regular basis for one simple reason - they are all temporary. On practical aspect, removal of temporary stuff allow computer to start faster and improve its overall functioning speed. If you are battling with slow system startup or