Remove Options left sidebar on new Google Search


Google is experimenting with new 3 columns search results page interface. Besides the usual search results column at the center and advertisement column on the right side – there is new search options column on the left side. Since this is experimental feature, it is only displayed to random Google search users. If you prefer good old 2 column interface, following are two ways to turnoff, disable or remove new ‘Options’ left sidebar from Google Search result pages.

Clear browser cookies and cache

Newer interface appear based on your search history and cookies. You can prevent it from showing by deleting all history, cache and cookies of your browser. Just goto Tools > History to delete your web browser history. (Delete history in Chrome).

Use Hide Google Options plugin

Google Chrome users can use ‘Hide Google Options’ extension to remove left sidebar on Google Search result pages. When extension is turned ON, it will only show usual 2 column Google Search interface.

User Script for Firefox, Opera, Chrome

You can use this user script to hide new left sidebar on Google Search result pages. It should work fine for Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer web browsers. [Thanks commentor Malvineous below]

Direct link for old Google interface

Old Google Search interface is still available. Just goto and start Googling in good old interface minus sidebar.



  1. in tools drop down, below toolbars there should be ‘explorer bars’. Untick google side bar – easy !

  2. Google has completely comprimised the user experience in hopes of generating a few more ad-clicks. How lame.

  3. Two words…

    MANY THX :)

  4. Remove this function or INCLUDE A HIDE BUTTON!!!

  5. There’s a Hide Google Options add on for Firefox as well. You can find both of them here.

    Thanks for the recommendation and for promoting my Dodgers. :)

  6. I hate the new left sidebar, it’s a complete waste of screen space.

    • Not to mention it is redundant and just plain stupid. We already have a non-intrusive neat top-ribbon with the exact same options…

  7. lolypop000 says

    How to change (where)

    @namespace url(;

    @-moz-document domain(“”) {

    #leftnav {

    display: none;


    #center_col {

    margin-left: 0px !important;

    border-left: none !important;



  8. thanks but i prefer the old styles

    i dont know where i am suppode to execute your script its not write.

    google have to delete this left colomn

  9. insaneNerd says

    Ello mate.

    Thanks alot that firefox script worked like a charm..
    And just add your local google site name .if .ca or w/e it is to the script and it will work like a charm for you too ;)

  10. Monukuk says

    Thank you. Saved my sanity, and it was easy to mod for Canada (just changed the .com to .ca)

  11. Frustrated beyond all @#%^&( says

    Trashing the history, cookies, etc doesn’t work (anymore). I HATE THIS THING!!!

  12. Ann Edgar says

    Get rid of the left side bar . It is annoying and takes up too much screen. i hate it.

  13. Malvineous says

    This annoyed me so much I have created a user style that will hide this for Firefox users with the Stylish plugin:

    • Killogy says

      thanks, your script works fine with Opera and Firefox

    • God bless you!!!! Many many many thanks!!!! The left panel is absolutely annoying!!! I don’t know why google had to ruin something that was perfect in the first place!!! Again lots of thanks for your great script.

  14. Fantastic SoyMasterActaeon, works great, no more annoying left panel…haha

  15. god this is awful! what are they thinking? I tried the other languages but alas Have trouble understanding them :)

  16. SoyMasterActaeon says

    I’ve found another solution that doesn’t affect other Google services and works across browsers: Go to Search Settings and change the Interface Language. You can still use English variants like Pirate, Elmer Fudd, or my favorite Bork, Bork, Bork! Once in another language the Google searches return to their old layout.

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