Control your Idle status in Gtalk using gAlwaysIdle


Google Talk does not provide built-in functionality to allow you to control your idle status. There are times when you want to use messenger and be online, but without letting others know about this. Seems like impossible in Google talk, now made possible by gAlwaysIdle.

As gAlwaysIdle states, “your status is your business so it only makes sense that you should be able to control it”. After installing this small application, you get more options in the menu (see pic) that appears on right click on Google Talk icon.

  • Always Idle, ‘always idle’ lets you appear away even when you are logged in and doing some work like typing e-mails and sending instant messages etc.
  • Never Idle, ‘never idle’ lets you appear to be at your computer even when you’re far away.

gAlwaysIdle is a download-able software program designed to augment the functionality in Google Talk. Specifically, it provides ‘always idle’ and ‘never idle’ features. It’s free to download and contains no spyware or adware, as the maker claims. Looks like a nice addon to Google talk, which as such should have got a newer version till now. However, Google seems least interested in that!

UPDATE – gAlwaysIdle’s official website [] is down. You can download this software from KillerTechTips – download [link].



  1. Dimitris says

    Tip for Win7 Users:
    Right Click on galwaysidlesetup.exe >> Properties >> Compatibility >> Run this program in COmpatibility Mode for Windows XP SP3.

    That solves the problem!

  2. well you achive this by putting inside registry, you can there ALSO modify how many minutes it takes before you are inactive ;)
    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Google\Google Talk\Options]

  3. Summer Rain says

    Cant download gtalk idle software …how can i fix it ?

  4. I want to it . How to do that?

    • Summer Rain says

      what do you want ?IF Galways idle software ,go n download at n search in there gtalk idle …theres only two files uploaded .

  5. I confirm I had issue with the non english version of GTalk : Galways idle would not work until I got message above and now it works perfect !! thanks

  6. hello!!!!!!!!!!!
    this software not work in window 7……….i use window 7…so what can i do this…………..please help me

    • Sathish Ra says

      Change the compatibility mode of the setup to Windows Xp(SP3) by going to the properteis of the setup and then run the setup file it will work.

  7. gAlwaysidle not availble now.
    But there is another software which does the same and much more
    download it from here

  8. worked for me …. its not even 123….

    it;s just 1 click and u r done… :) awasome…

  9. Your download link was shown 404 Not Found. Cant download. I’m from Singapore

  10. i tried to download but no luck. doesnt work. do i need to sign out the gmail before downloading? im using window 7. is there any steps how to download. pls help!

  11. gAlwaysIdle is a piece of crap!!! It has never worked and the moron that created it doesn’t update it or maintain it’s web site. Save yourself hours of frustration and possibly embarrassment and don’t download this shitty software. Better yet, get rid of gTalk, maybe big brother Google will get the message if enough people leave.

  12. Ha! Problem solved. At least for me (Vista user) galwaysidle will only work with the English version of Gtalk. If you have Gtalk installed in another language, reinstall it in English and it will be OK.

  13. It does have a problem with Vista, not all but some. I’ve read a solution someone posted in a comment, involved replacing or renaming something and fixed it perfectly. But I can’t find this link on Google anymore. If anyone knows what I’m talking about, please help!

  14. Its not working on windows 7.
    can anyone plz give me correct link for windows 7 version?

  15. i have downloaded th setup but i m nt able to use it in gtalk..wat shud i do

  16. i have downloaded the setup for idle but how to make it work on gtalk?
    plz reply

  17. on windows 7 this works absolutely fine but i am facing a slight bit of problem.
    everytime i restart my computer the gidle disappears. and i have to go and open the gidle again and then it works. is there any way to make it start with my gtalk on startup????


    regards.. bibin

  19. It works well in Windows 7 Home.

  20. it doesn’t work when voice chat is enabled..

  21. isnt this is a nice application to avoid of some buddies .. :-)

  22. I guess it’s not working on Vista???

  23. Sakhil Jamal says

    Thx a lottttttt,, working fine ….. :)

  24. i am testing and working very fine

  25. hiii friends

    u can download from here

    and its working 100 %


  26. Dear friends,
    May I know how to get the gtalk idle installer. I don’t know how to get it. please tell me how to get it. Please help me. I need it.

  27. galwaysidle will not install on my computer! i run a newer version of windows vista. help! i downloaded the right zip file from killertechtips and it’s not working :(

  28. Shilpa Joshi says

    I am not able to download the software. seems that website is down. I am checking the website since last three days.
    Can some one please send the plugin to me.. @

    I will be very thank ful to you!!

    Thanks a lot


    • just search @ google… u will get lots of link…try anyone…..
      so simple…yaar!!!!!!!!
      if u will get any prob… send me on my mail id..(prob)..
      i will send u in mail okay ..

  29. Nice pluggin

  30. i have the same problem… i can’t download it because i can’t load the webpage.

  31. the response i get is “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage”

  32. pretty cool! thanks!

  33. nice

  34. hmonhmon says

    it’s cool.

  35. hmonhmon says

    Idle is very cool

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