See internet history of each Firefox tab in a click

We can customize Firefox browser to a great extent like colored tabs, hiding tabs bar and much more. If you are tired of hitting back / forward button to see already browsed webpages, then try Tab History Menu. It is a Firefox plugin that allows you to see history of each tab in a single

How to delete hidden browsing internet history?

There are basic steps to delete internet and temporary files on the computer. We have also seen number of utilities (here and here) to clean up history mess. Even after so much effort, there could be still some files hidden safely shouting all about 'what you have been browsing?'. This

3 Steps to clear Temporary Files & speed up Windows

One should clear all temporary files, folders etc on regular basis for one simple reason - they are all temporary. On practical aspect, removal of temporary stuff allow computer to start faster and improve its overall functioning speed. If you are battling with slow system startup or