Clear Safari internet history & cookies on iPad


Just like PC or laptop, internet browsing history is also store on iPad. Safari browser app is used to surf webpages and hence it stores history of visited websites, cookies and cache details. You can easily clear internet history on Apple iPad by using options on Safari screen available under ipad settings.

Delete history, cookies & cache on iPad

1. Goto Settings icon on the home screen.

2. Then select Safari option from the left side of the settings screen.

3. At the bottom of the right side of Safari screen, you can use respective buttons to delete history, cookies and cache on Safari browse on Apple iPad. You will get prompt to clear internet history.



  1. WATCH OUT! you delete your bank cookie it means a trip to the bank and snail mail confirmation / password to get cookie back.You ABSOLUTELY need to look at cookies one at a time. This way is sheer pure bullshit. Plus it does not tell you it DID delete just sits there as if nothing happened ; unknowingly did it 3x.

  2. Is there a way to find out if an email account was set up on an ipad?

  3. I think it’s an excellent question. anybody know how to delete just one site at a time?????????

  4. Lightyear04 says

    Clearing history from settings or the bookmarks bar does not clear previously viewed urls from open “pages.” To clear previously viewed urls, click the double square pages icon in the Safari bar on the iPad and delete all currently populated pages until only a “new page” holder remains.

  5. There are two web address bars in safari one that demonstrates what websites you are in and one on the right hand side for suggestions. I can’t seem to delete the web history on the left hand side bar. Can anyone help. For some reason only the right hand side search history is deleted. Any suggestions

  6. Thank you very much for the post

  7. That is a very good question, because sometimes I would like to remove some of the history not all. What can I do to remove some but not all? Thanks

  8. some guy says

    is there a way to only delete certain webpages from your history?

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