Remove Facebook news ticker box in Firefox, Chrome, Safari

After every few days we have new Facebook design interface. While few improvements are welcomed but introducting radical changes here and there annoy regular Facebook users to the core. Latest Facebook annoyance is highly distracting new updates Ticker box at top right side of Facebook

Reopen recently closed tabs in Safari on iPad

Safari web browser is used for surfing internet on iPad device. With recent iOS 5 update, lot of new features were added including tabs support in Safari browser. Now you can browse different webpages in multiple tabs within same interfacing window in Safari browser on your iPad. While

Enable private browsing mode in Safari on iPad

Private browsing mode is now part of every modern web browser including Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Latest iOS 5 updates adds 'Private Browsing' feature to Safari browser on your Apple iPad. Once you turn on Private Browsing feature, Safari wont store, remember webpages

Web browsers with HTML5 video support

Majority of online videos are in Flash format, as a result you need flash plugin installed on computer to able to view such videos. Now you can watch videos without flash support using HTML5 technology with h.264 video codec or the WebM format (VP8 codec) support. Just install and use web

View only webpage text with Reader in Safari

Newer Safari browser has lot of interesting features including "Reader" feature. Also called as Safari Reader, this in-built feature allows to you surf text only version of webpages. It removes CSS formatting, images, advertisements and display webpage text just like a Word document.

How to install, uninstall extensions in Safari

Safari 5 and above browser support extensions just like Firefox and Google Chrome. You can extend functionality of Safari browser and customize it as per requirement by installing specific extensions. Procedure to install or add extensions in Safari browser is very easy. Also, you can

Download Safari extensions

Newer Safari browser has lot of new features like geo location, better tab control and support for Extensions. Apple has opened 'Safari Developer Program' allowing developers to build free extensions for Safari browser. While official Safari extensions gallery opens in later summer, you

Change default search engine in Safari

Newer Safari browser version provide one more option for searching the web in the form of Bing Search. Now you can choose between Google, Yahoo, Bing search and use either as default search engine in Safari browser. You can toggle and switch between either search provider and use it as

Open blank empty page in New tab on Safari

Safari browser has glitzy start page complete with thumbnail images of top sites. While few users find this loaded default startpage very useful (which appears when a new tab is opened), others may find it annoying. You can easily take it off and set blank empty page to appear while

Enable & use Safari extensions menu

Extensions (also called addons, plugins) are commonly available for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome web browsers. Extensions provide easy way to extend browser functionality and provide more options for user customization. Apple has launched Safari Developer program with

Disable Geo Location services in Safari browser

Number of websites like Google Maps use physical location details to provide relevant information. If you are accessing website in browser with active "Geo location" feature, then website can extract your physical location details. However, few users may not want to share their location

How to search web & internet on iPad

Apple iPad provide grand big screen viewing pleasure for surfing the internet. You can use Safari app on Pad to browse any website. To get specific results, you can use integrated Search feature in Safari browser on Apple Ipad. By default, Safari searches web using Google Search