Enable & see Safari bookmarks bar on iPad

Safari is default browser app to surf websites on Apple iPad. We have already seen procedure to clear internet history and cookies stored in Safari on iPad. Few users may have noticed that bookmarks bar in Safari is visible occasionally and does not show up all the time. You can enable

Clear Safari internet history & cookies on iPad

Just like PC or laptop, internet browsing history is also store on iPad. Safari browser app is used to surf webpages and hence it stores history of visited websites, cookies and cache details. You can easily clear internet history on Apple iPad by using options on Safari screen available

How to zoom & scroll webpages in Safari on iPad

Safari browser is default app to surf webpages on the iPad. Big screen of iPad offer easy and neat web surfing. You can switch to portrait or landscape surfing mode by rotating the iPad. You can scroll and zoom webpage easily on ipad with easy drag and tap on iPad respectively. Zoom In

Add Safari like X-icon to clear URL & search fields in firefox

Old habits die hard... are you missing X icon in the end of search fieldswhile using Firefox on your Window powered computer? Xclear firefox extensionbrings X-icon back to URL and search fields. It is a light weight Firefox addon to add stylish X icon in the end part of URL and search

Backup web browser settings & restore via Favbackup

Web browser setting is a personal thing for any computer user. Incase you are reinstalling the operating system, there is no need to lose on your web browser settings. You can backup any damn setting of your web browser using Favbackup application. After the reinstall, you can restore all

Download Safari 4 (Mac, Win) – fastest web browser?

Apple is busy releasing fast, faster, fastest things. So, after iPhone 3GS here comes the new version of fastest web browser 'Safari 4' for Mac and Window computers. Traditionally, its Google Chrome making all the noise for being faster than Internet Explorer and Firefox. Now Google