How to install, uninstall extensions in Safari


Safari 5 and above browser support extensions just like Firefox and Google Chrome. You can extend functionality of Safari browser and customize it as per requirement by installing specific extensions. Procedure to install or add extensions in Safari browser is very easy. Also, you can uninstall and remove any extension installed in Safari browser.

Install & add extensions in Safari

1. Launch Safari (5 or above) browser and enable extensions menu.

2. Download Safari extension of your choice. Goto Safari extensions gallery and then open webpage with download link of specific Safari extension.

3. Then click on “Save” button in the pop-up dialog box.

4. Double click extensions listing in “downloads” window and then click “Install” button for installation of the extension.

Once extensions is installed, you can manage it by going to Edit > Preferences (or Safari > Preferences). Then click “Extensions” tab to view installed extensions.

Uninstall & remove extensions in Safari

1. Launch Safari browser.

2. Goto Edit > Preferences (or Safari > Preferences).

3. Click on “Extensions” tab to see installed extensions.

4. Click “uninstall” button to remove specific extension.



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