New Apple 13-inch MacBook & 15-inch MacBook Pro


There has been lot of buzz regarding new Apple babies. Leaked images, this feature, that feature – all has made news in recent past.

Now, the actual THING is officially out: 13-inch MacBook & 15-inch MacBook Pro (& yes, improved MacBook Air). Some rumoured features are present in the actual Macbook babies.

13-inch Macbook As always, this beauty from Apple looks cool. Features include: precision aluminum unibody enclosure, ultrathin 13.3-inch LED-backlit display, upto 5x faster NVIDIA graphics performance and all new smooth glass Multi-Touch trackpad. Starts at $1299.

15-inch MacBook Pro Besides the size, there is visible prep up in the looks department. Features include smooth glass Multi-Touch trackpad, high performance graphics, aluminum unibody enclosure and more. Starts at $1999

Check out individial official product pages for more details and images. Which Apple beauty is looking better to you?



  1. acreistal says

    Apple MacBook? I would like to get an Apple Macbook, but I don’t aware much about it. My dad mentions that it’s kinda, a absolutely word organization to relearm and stuff. what are the pros and cons in connection with getting an apple macbook? or any apple computer

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