Change Power schemes with shortcut hotkeys

Using proper Power Scheme at specific time help save laptop power and allows prolonged usage. SchemeHK is a free portable utility that allows you to switch between various power schemes with quick keyboard shortcut hotkey. You can quickly switch to a different power scheme anytime while

Nokia Booklet 3G, first laptop from Nokia !

Nokia is a top brand for mobile phones of different types. It has now ventured into new line of business with unveiling of its first laptop "Nokia Booklet 3G". Nokia has released details and images of this cute portable beauty that promises to deliver solid performance. Features of

Detailed laptop battery status with BatteryBar

In-built Windows utility show the status of battery and indicate if its charging or running out of power. If you want more detailed information with neat graphically loaded display then checkout BatteryBar. It sits on system tray and display all the important battery information in pop-up

Dell Adamo: amazing design, ok specs & heavy price

Dell seem to be spending more time in making their computer and laptop more stylish. Dell Adamo is another introduction of sleak design from Dell - this portable looks really fab and comes at heavy loaded price of over $2000 US. While the design is amazing, there nothing exciting in

New Apple 13-inch MacBook & 15-inch MacBook Pro

There has been lot of buzz regarding new Apple babies. Leaked images, this feature, that feature - all has made news in recent past. Now, the actual THING is officially out: 13-inch

Dell Inspiron Mini 9, Cute laptop for you on the GO

Dell got style to portables with Dell Studio Hybrid and now it has made portable real small to make it your perfect companion on the GO. Checkout new Dell Inspiron Mini 9. It weighs about 1Kg with overal dimensions