How to get MobileMe refund & cancel subscription


Apple has launched new iCloud service that stores your content and wirelessly pushes it to your devices. This is a free service and similar to currently paid ‘Mobile Me’ service. As a results, Mobile Me service is now closing and you cannot renew it. All active Mobile Me users can use it for extended period for free till June 30, 2012 (after that it wont be available). Within that period they will have option to transfer their Mobile Me content to iCloud service (once it is launched in coming days). Also, active and non-active MobileMe users with un-used activation codes can claim refund from Apple.

Refund for active & non-active MobileMe members

Active Mobile Me members who have additional activation codes that have not been used can claim refunds.
To know if you have additional activation codes, goto and check if you see any message that reads “you have additional activation codes for refund”. Then click ‘Request Refund’ button and follow on-screen instructions.

Non-active MobileMe member can also claim refund, if you have purchased MobileMe box from Apple Store or authorized reseller and have not used activation code to activate the service. In both cases, following is the procedure to get going with refund process.

1. Open Refund Request form [ – Link is no longer active as Mobile Me service is closed now] and select ‘I am Mobile Me member’ and fill the form.

2. If activation codes have not been used, then Apple will send email requesting you to scan or photo of those activation codes.

3. On receipt and verification – you should receive refund within 4-6 weeks via check, electronic funds transfer, or credit card, depending on how and where you made the purchase.

Cancel MobileMe service for refund

Active MobileMe users can cancel their service for refund. However, you need to provide proof of purchase documentation for refund.

1. Open the cancelation request form [ – Link is no longer active as Mobile Me service is closed now] and fill the required information.

2. Besides refund for account cancellation, you can also seek refund for additional un-used activation codes. You will receive email from Apple asking you to reply with scan or photo of activation codes.

3. Apple will verify documents, calculate refund and cancel your account. You should receive refund amount within 4-6 weeks.

‘Things to Note’ for MobileMe refund

1. If you have purchased MobileMe box in last 14 days and have not opened it – just walk in to Apple Retail store and get refund. If more than 14days, then follow procedure as explained above.

2. You need to send copy of receipt and un-used activation codes to Apple for refund. You can find unused activation code located on the booklet inside the MobileMe box.

3. Don’t have receipt now? If purchased from Apple Store or reseller, contact them for duplicate copy. If purchased online, then your Apple Store Shipment Notificationemail qualifies as the receipt. You can also goto to get invoice receipt. Check Apple Support for more.


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