Check iCloud storage & backup space on iPad

iCloud service on your iOS devices like iPad and iPhone automatically backs up files, applications and settings to your account's online cloud storage. By default, you have 5GB of free storage and backup space with your iCloud account access. You need to purchase additional space beyond

How to setup & use iCloud on iPad [iOS 5]

iCloud is a major feature addition to Apple devices using iOS software. With iOS version 5, iCloud and other features like split keyboard on iPad and lots more are added to iPhone and iPad devices. Make sure you update iOS to version 5 by connecting iPad (or iPhone) to computer and using

Enable iCloud automatic downloads on iPad & iPhone

iCloud is a new Apple service for iOS devices that retires Mobile Me service. This service automatically pushes content wirelessly to Apple devices (using same Apple ID). You can enable iCloud services by activating automatic downloading of new purchases (including free) on Apple devices.

How to get MobileMe refund & cancel subscription

Apple has launched new iCloud service that stores your content and wirelessly pushes it to your devices. This is a free service and similar to currently paid 'Mobile Me' service. As a results, Mobile Me service is now closing and you cannot renew it. All active Mobile Me users can use it