Web browsers with HTML5 video support

Majority of online videos are in Flash format, as a result you need flash plugin installed on computer to able to view such videos. Now you can watch videos without flash support using HTML5 technology with h.264 video codec or the WebM format (VP8 codec) support. Just install and use web

Make Web Browser safe & secure

"... I am using latest version of web browser and still got malicious attack!" Besides updated web browser software, there are number of other related elements that can render a web browser insecure. You could be using either of web browser like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox,

Disable Geo location feature in Opera

Majority of modern web browsers now support Geo Location functionality. This feature enables web browser to send your physical location details to websites requesting for the same. Few users may want to turn off this feature due to privacy concerns. If you use Opera as default browser, you

Use Bing as default search engine in Opera

Google's background image experiment annoyed many users. As a result many wanted to use Bing as default search engine for web searching. If you use Opera web browser for surfing the internet, then you can easily setup and use Bing as default search engine. Newer Opera browser has Bing as

Drag to open current browser tab in new window

Tabbed interface feature in modern browsers is very useful for multi website browsing with ease. You can tweak tabs using drag drop routine to open them in new window. For example: tab with google.com can be dragged to browsing area, this will open new window with google.com and close the

How to disable / enable Javascript in browser

Java Script is an object-oriented scripting language used to enable programmatic access to objects within both the client application and other applications. These Javascript allow enhanced user interface and dynamic website. There are some sites that  require java-scripts to

5 portable Web Browsers for Windows

Web browser is a basic software program to surf internet websites. Majority of internet surfers use Internet Explorer or Firefox browser to open and browse websites. Besides installed web browsers, you can also use portable web browsers: these do not require install and you can carry them

Halloween special edition Opera browser

Opera is one cool and best looking web browser. Now you can get into Halloween spirit (celebrated on October 31) using Halloween special Edition Opera browser. Basic Halloween elements like: Scary, bloody, bats, pumpkins form the look of this special edition browser. New Opera users can

Minimalist simple Gmail skin & Look

Gmail inbox look can be played around using in-built Gmail theme. It even has random theme option, that renders random theme to your Gmail inbox after every few hours. If you are fan of dead simple minimalist looks, then here is "Helvetimail". It gives all white, smooth and minimalist look

Access Opera Cache folder & extract current files

Do you want to access cache folder content of Opera browser? Opera Cache View is a portable utility that display contents of cache folder of Opera web browser. Utility window show list of file currently stored in the cache. For each file stored in the cache, you can view details like: URL,

Download portable Opera 10 browser

Opera 10 has created lot of buzz recently for its innovative Turbo Mode feature which allows you to surf websites faster on slow internet connection by compressing images. We have already seen lot of Opera glitz from super cool Opera Wallpapers to download of actual Opera 10 web

Download Opera 10 browser with Turbo mode

After you had cool look at glitzy Opera 10 desktop wallpapers, grab the actual thing. Opera 10 web browser is now available for free download and use. As expected, it comes with loads of features and enhancements. Opera 10 comes in 43 languages and works on Windows, Mac and Linux