How to Monitor bandwidth usage of Net connection?


Webmasters and bloggers tend to disable hotlinking to save precious bandwidth and other resources. Bandwidth monitoring is also important for users with limited bandwidth internet connection with charges per GB.

There are number of ways to monitor and calculate your daily / monthly bandwidth usage. You can use software provided by ISP to keep check bandwidth usage or use free utility ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter.

It is a free and useful utility to keep track of bandwidth usage with easy to use interface. It sits on the system tray and displays the approximate bandwidth consumed for the session, day and month. Features include:

  • Option to make meter always visible.
  • Transparency of meter can be adjusted.
  • Option to exclude bandwidth during certain period of day.

Besides above, it also have option to enable/disable flash and images in Internet Explorer. This can save lot of bandwidth if you are only interested in reading text for specific internet session. Download ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter to monitor bandwidth on the fly.


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