Monitor bandwidth & upload, download speeds

Internet speed is very important aspect of an internet connection. To refine things further, both upload and download speeds are critical measure of goodness of net connection being used. You can easily monitor and view status of internet: sent (upload) and received (download) data packets

Balance bandwidth & upload/download transfer rate

Many of us are in habit of downloading lot of things at the same time. We can have a mp3 file and movie file downloading at the same time. Also, we are surfing favorite website or chatting with friends. Net surfing experience can get bit boring and slow due to large bandwidth taken by mp3

How to Monitor bandwidth usage of Net connection?

Webmasters and bloggers tend to disable hotlinking to save precious bandwidth and other resources. Bandwidth monitoring is also important for users with limited bandwidth internet connection with charges per GB. There are number of ways to monitor and calculate your daily / monthly