Convert Subtitles of YouTube, Google Videos to SubRip (.srt) format


Majority of us love to watch online videos at Youtube and Google Videos. Google2SRT is a simple and very useful utility for subtitles conversion of online videos at Youtube and Google Videos. This utility can convert subtitles to SubRip (.srt) format, which is recognized by majority of video players.


To get started, enter / paste Youtube or Google video URL and click on GO button. It also provide different language options like French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese. Download Google2SRT for quick and easy conversion of subtitles to SubRip (.srt) format, neat!



  1. Hi all,
    Subber is a user generated subtitles platform which

    enables its users to search, share and watch specific

    quotes inside online videos.

    Our goals are to break language barriers, to expose

    content to wider audiences, to increase video

    distribution and to develop new means of creativity.

    With an integration of advanced technologies and

    friendly tools, Subber provides the accessibility for

    every user to add subtitles over online videos.

    And it’s for free!!!

  2. nice… very easy to use.. thanks!

  3. Too easy! nothing software
    download youtube subtitle for Srt.(There has many many other people favor).
    Pass transit to SRT. OK!

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