Convert alphanumeric Phone number into numbers


Do you need to call a phone number with mix of numbers and alphabets / words? Not sure how to dial [1 888 CAR REPAIR] from your phone? Telephone numbers are listed in number + words format (specially in USA) for easy recal value. However, one may goof-up trying to convert alphanumeric Phone number into numbers or digits only phone numbers. Following tools should help in such conversion.

Online alphanumeric to numbers converter

Click here to open Lawzilla website that offer online alphanumeric to numbers conversion for phone numbers. Just enter alphanumeric phone number to get equivalent digits only phone number.

Free alphanumeric to numbers software

DigitWiz is a free utility for quick conversion of name style alphanumeric telephone numbers into straight numbers for quick dialing. It has neat interface, just enter the alphanumeric number and the equivalent numbers only telephone number is display quickly.

It is available in both portable and install-able version. You can download DigitWiz and use portable version to carry in USB drive anywhere. Quick and easy converter.


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