View Facebook friends phone number in Skype

Facebook integration of Skype brings in lot of features for ease of use. Besides directly viewing latest Facebook updates in Skype, you can also directly reach Facebook friends by call or SMS in Skype application. Skype allows you to view phonebook of Facebook friends with neat listing of

Add mobile Phone number to Facebook

If you use mobile phone more than a desktop PC to access internet, then you can stay connected with Facebook activity using your mobile phone. To get started, you need to add and confirm your mobile phone number with your existing Facebook account. After successful confirmation of mobile

Convert alphanumeric Phone number into numbers

Do you need to call a phone number with mix of numbers and alphabets / words? Not sure how to dial [1 888 CAR REPAIR] from your phone? Telephone numbers are listed in number + words format (specially in USA) for easy recal value. However, one may goof-up trying to convert alphanumeric