Merge & Join multiple VOB video files


vob-merge-logoWe have already seen way to convert VOB files into common format like AVI, FLV, WMV etc. Before such conversion, if multiple VOB files are bugging you – how about merging them? VOB Merge is a free utility that allows you to merge and join multiple VOB files into a single file.

Merge VOB files into single file

1. Download VOB Merge program on computer.
2. Unzip & launch the program (does not require install).
3. Click Add Files button to load multiple VOB files in the application.
4. Arrange files using up/down arrow keys.
5. Click the Merge button to get single VOB file from multiple VOB files.


VOB Merge is an easy to use portable utility, which does not require any installation. Join and Merge any VOB files using this handy program.



  1. Hi, This is Amazing… It worked :)

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