How to Join 001, 002, 003 video file parts

Big video files are broken or split in smaller parts and then uploaded on free online file hosting websites like Rapidshare, Megashare and so on. Have you download video file parts like 001, 002 and looking for way to play those videos files? Before the playback, you need to join all

Join multiple MPEG video files

Do you want to combine multiple MPEG videos files into a single video file?" PaM MPEGJoint" is a free portable utility for quick joining of multiple MPEG video files. Just add video files in the utility window to get final combined or merged video file (works with only MPEG format of

Merge & Join multiple VOB video files

We have already seen way to convert VOB files into common format like AVI, FLV, WMV etc. Before such conversion, if multiple VOB files are bugging you - how about merging them? VOB Merge is a free utility that allows you to merge and join multiple VOB files into a single file. Merge VOB

Edit AVI video files: join, crop, convert, effects, frames & more

Do you want to edit AVI video files with ease for free? AVIedit is a free program to perform any type of editing of an AVI video file. You can do basics like join, split, extract frames to advance routine like changing change framerate, duration, frame size, color depth and much more. It

Portable Windows Movie Maker for XP, Vista & 7

Windows Movie Maker has been one cool tool to create and edit movies within Windows operating system. However, newer releases of Windows Vista and Windows 7 has stripped down version of this favorite software with some features missing in the name of simplifying the

CombiMovie combines two or more mpg/mpeg files

Looking for an easy and super quick alternative to combine multiple mpg/mpeg files? CombiMovie should fit the bill - it is small, quick and free for use. Ideal to combine those webcam and digital camera video files. To get started just select movie files that should be combined. This