Portable Windows Movie Maker for XP, Vista & 7


Windows Movie Maker has been one cool tool to create and edit movies within Windows operating system. However, newer releases of Windows Vista and Windows 7 has stripped down version of this favorite software with some features missing in the name of simplifying the application.


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Well, you can now carry full blown Windows Movie Maker on a USB drive and use all its features. Portable Movie Maker supports original 147 transitions and 76 effects to keep you busy and dressing up your videos. It also works with Windows 7 (and Vista, XP) and has all the goodness of classic Windows Movie Maker. Download Portable Movie Maker [via] in your USB drive and style movies anytime!



  1. I get the same from Mcafee

  2. Be warey people, Avira picked the package as having a TR/Generic.1629441.45. I recommend you run this in a sandbox or virtual machine first.

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