Change text size & style in Sticky notes on Windows 7


Sticky notes is a very handy feature of Windows 7 operating system. You can easily create and add sticky notes on desktop screen for quick reminder(s) of important upcoming events. Besides adding multiple sticky notes on desktop screen, you can customize each by changing text style (make it bold, italics) or text size (small or big) for better visibility.

Customize text style & size in Sticky Notes

Ctrl + b Makes text bold

Ctrl + i Makes text italic

Ctrl + u Makes text underlined

Ctrl + t Make strikethrough text

Ctrl + shift + L for lists or bullets, press keys to change style.

Ctrl + shift + > Makes text larger

Ctrl + shift + < Makes text smaller

Besides using above keyboard shortcuts to customize text size and style, you can also change color of sticky notes for better visibility and color coded priority setup.



  1. I’d rather like to have some sort of reminder, at the end I have hundreds of notes but I still keep forgetting important things because I lose track of all the appointements. I was searching the web for a solution to my problem and found this:
    Nice little tool, it reminds me if I want to and notes can be directly attached to a mail/document/internet site.

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