Backup & restore Sticky Notes on Windows 7

Sticky Notes help you place reminder notes on desktop screen of Windows 7 computer. You can easily add sticky notes on Windows 7 with listing of to-do tasks. Further, you can customize text on sticky notes for different text size, text style resulting in better visibility and

Change text size & style in Sticky notes on Windows 7

Sticky notes is a very handy feature of Windows 7 operating system. You can easily create and add sticky notes on desktop screen for quick reminder(s) of important upcoming events. Besides adding multiple sticky notes on desktop screen, you can customize each by changing text style (make

Add sticky notes on Windows 7 desktop screen

Do you want to add quick reminder notes on Windows 7 computer? You can use 'Sticky Notes' feature to make sticky notes quickly with custom text. This feature allows you to add multiple sticky notes anywhere on desktop screen of Windows 7 PC. You can move and place sticky note(s) at any

Make your monitor StickyScreen & never forget a thing

There are few things, that are really important and should be done at a specific point of time. Each of us have different way of remembering them. While some make to-do lists (like damn simple todo listing with NowDoThis) and some prefer Sticky notes. We scribble on a yellowish paper