Make your monitor StickyScreen & never forget a thing


There are few things, that are really important and should be done at a specific point of time. Each of us have different way of remembering them. While some make to-do lists (like damn simple todo listing with NowDoThis) and some prefer Sticky notes.

We scribble on a yellowish paper and stick on the side of the screen. This can become monotonous and even make that sticky note vanish (its just a piece of paper, yeah right!). StickyScreen is a useful website that will save paper and also hassle of not remembering things.

Just jump to StickyScreen website and type your important task. You can then set this website as default homepage. So, every time you open web browser to surf internet – you will first see the sticky message bang in the middle of the screen. You can’t forget things now, what say?


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