Portable Note taking software with tags & priority

Are you looking for simple portable Note taking software? CloudPad program should fit the requirement with its feature laden yet easy interface. It allows you to store notes with enhanced options of adding tags and priority settings. Being portable, you can carry this software anywhere in

TakeNote, spiced Notepad for notes & todo manager

Many of us prefer to keep track of important things using good old simple Notepad. There is always urge to have notepad with few more features, yet stay simple and quick. TakeNote, is a small notepad style application - which is simple and very useful to keep track of lot of information.

Make your monitor StickyScreen & never forget a thing

There are few things, that are really important and should be done at a specific point of time. Each of us have different way of remembering them. While some make to-do lists (like damn simple todo listing with NowDoThis) and some prefer Sticky notes. We scribble on a yellowish paper

Gmail gets task manager, add emails to ‘to-do-list’

Gmail team just bumped up another feature of 'tasks' as a part of Gmail labs feature. It is very own light weight 'to-do-list' task manager within Gmail. It allows you to add any email to task list and track it easily. To get started, enable 'tasks' option by going

Re-Snooze Yourself & never forget important tasks

Reminders are very important to stay in-tune with all important tasks in daily life. While there is free web service for twitter addicts to get reminder to post on twitter every few minutes, here is something for techno crowd at large. Re-snooze makes the process or “emailing

Task Reporter, Keep track of tasks & to-do items

We have already seen NowDoThis, a damn easy way to organize your day's to-do items. In case that was too simple and you need an offline alternative then check 'Task Reporter'. It is a download-able program to manage tasks. It allows you to keep track of tasks and to-do items that you

NowDoThis: Damn Easy way to Organize your day

There are number of web based todo services that provide loads of features and information to stress you out. NowDoThis is most simple ToDo list manager that allows you to track todo tasks and nothing else. No registration or email ID is required. It does not even show colorful graphs