Task Reporter, Keep track of tasks & to-do items


We have already seen NowDoThis, a damn easy way to organize your day’s to-do items. In case that was too simple and you need an offline alternative then check ‘Task Reporter’. It is a download-able program to manage tasks.

It allows you to keep track of tasks and to-do items that you are working on. Interface is very neat and simple for the process of adding and updating tasks. Each task contains a category, title, description and rich-text notes.

It keeps track of when a task is created, started, due, completed, and reported. It also has a built-in Auto Update function that will check for a new version at startup. If a new version is found, it will be downloaded and your copy will be updated.

Download Task Reporter [link] to manage task with ease. Unlike ‘NowDoThis’ you don’t have to be connected to Internet to use it.


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