See email sender time zone & current time in Gmail

While on internet we do not care about geographical barriers and often communicate with people from other countries and regions. Each country has different time (& time zone) at any given point of time. Sending email to a person in middle of the night is not a good idea. Instead,

Check total time spent on Twitter with Tweetwasters

If you are a Twitter addict, then you must be spending loads of time on Twitter. Tweetwasters is an interesting website to calculate your Twitter addiction in hours. Just enter you Twitter username and hit the calculate button. It will show number of tweets associated with twitter

Schedule your Twitter messages with Future Tweets

Twitter is a nice way to share updates with friends instantaneously. You can little spice to your Twitter experience by scheduling Twitter messages to be delivered at a later time. FutureTweet is a free web service that allows you to send Tweets at a specific time in the future or send

‘WorkSmart’ remind you Breaks while on computer

Are you too engrossed while working on computer? This may have resulted in break schedule going haywire. 'WorkSmart' a cool utility that reminds you for taking breaks, as you work on computer. This cute utility sits on system tray and reminds to go 'for lunch' or 'head to home'. Menu

Organize your day with Portable Information Manager

Want to organize your busy day without much fuss and frills? EssentialPIM is a cool portable (& desktop) appointment and information manager. It is like Outlook without the email function. It is a visual way to organize your daily tasks and routine on your computer. You can play

World Clocks in Firefox Status Bar, Stay Updated !

Time is very important - nowadays most of us tend to use mobile phones to see time while wrist watches and clocks are passe. You can use good old Google to check current time and other ways like World Time Engine. How about your customized World Clocks in Firefox browser status bar?

Task Reporter, Keep track of tasks & to-do items

We have already seen NowDoThis, a damn easy way to organize your day's to-do items. In case that was too simple and you need an offline alternative then check 'Task Reporter'. It is a download-able program to manage tasks. It allows you to keep track of tasks and to-do items that you

How to track & review your computer usage?

We tend to spend lot of time on computer and never bother to review which applications did we use more or less? There are utilities to check - since when did you restart Windows on your PC and here is more. ManicTime is cool utility that allows you to track computer usage. Using this