‘WorkSmart’ remind you Breaks while on computer


Are you too engrossed while working on computer? This may have resulted in break schedule going haywire. ‘WorkSmart’ a cool utility that reminds you for taking breaks, as you work on computer.

This cute utility sits on system tray and reminds to go ‘for lunch’ or ‘head to home’. Menu icon changes its state as the time goes on, a glance at icon helps you decide if its time for a break!

Besides reminding you of breaks, it calculates time you spend on each program. You can easily know where you spent bulk of time while working on computer. 

Hence it helps in better optimization and prioritization of important tasks with ease. Get smart while working for long duration on computer with ‘WorkSmart’

Download WorkSmart [link] – it works fine on computer with Windows 98, XP & Vista. Require 10MB of space after install. Neat & useful!

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