Send self future email reminder with Google Calendar

Do you have habit of forgetting important events and things to-do? Maintaining a full blown to-do manager is not cup of tea of every PC user due to time constraints. Even without to-do manager routine, you can stay updated on important (future) events of any specific time - date using 

Reminder software to unplug USB flash drive from PC

USB flash drives are common and very handy for quick data transfer. You can easily plug them to USB port and copy required files. However, at times we forget to unplug / remove USB flash drive from computer even after data transfer is complete. FlashRecall program should be useful in such

Portable desktop Alarm clock for timely sound alerts

Easy Timer is an easy to use portable desktop alarm clock application. It has basic interface and functionality to produce sound alerts at specified time. It does not require installation: just download, unzip and launch the desktop alarm clock. Application window show analog clock with

Receive Brithday reminders in your RSS feed reader

RSS birthday uses power of RSS to stay updated with latest birthday dates and other events. After you create a free account, fill up the birthdays and other events information in your account. Then add your customized RSS feed to your feed reader. Related - Don’t post often? Get

Get Email attachment reminder in Outlook 2007

We send lot of emails with attachment files like Word documents, images, mp3 and video files. Gmail already got 'Email attachment detector'feature that reminds you to attach files to specific emails. Now you have similar functionality in Outlook 2007 with the help of Missing Attachment

Google Calendar alert reminders on desktop, Gminder

Are you tired of keeping browser window open to track and remain updated with events in Google Calendar? Now you can avoid all this with Gminder desktop client and close web browser window showing online Google Calendar. Gminder is a small programs that sits in system tray and give you

Create Online invitation for your party or event

Are you planning to host a party? How about sending party invitation in web 2.0 style? Invite43 is cool web service that allows you to create online invitation for your party or any other event. You can select any sub URL like and forward it your friends. To get

Notify me when website is up, so basic & useful

There are so many basic and very useful web service just like 'Is it going to rain?'. Here is another on similar structure serving different use 'Notify me when it's up'. As the name suggest, it tells when your favorite website is up. It can be used by webmasters, blogger or any

‘WorkSmart’ remind you Breaks while on computer

Are you too engrossed while working on computer? This may have resulted in break schedule going haywire. 'WorkSmart' a cool utility that reminds you for taking breaks, as you work on computer. This cute utility sits on system tray and reminds to go 'for lunch' or 'head to home'. Menu

Gmail Goggles to prevent Freak Weekend Email fun

On Weekends one can booze off, party all night - you may indulge in some fun emailing that you may regret sending (of course the next morning)! Picture this, you just send a harsh email to sweet

Don’t post often? Get free Reminder to post, Brompt!

Do you run lot of blogs and often tend to update them all? This can also happen even when one runs a single blog. Brompt is a nice web service to inspire you to post often. Lack of updates on your blog with make 'Brompt'

Birthday Reminder, Never forget upcoming birthdays

In present day busy life we tend to forget important days like birthday, anniversary and important events. Well, geeks can breath easy with free birthday