Birthday Reminder, Never forget upcoming birthdays


In present day busy life we tend to forget important days like birthday, anniversary and important events.

Well, geeks can breath easy with free birthday reminder program. It will alert you to birthdays and other important days that you need to remember, in advance of those dates.

You can configure number of options in making process or birthday reminding quick, simple and easy.

  • Choose how far in advance you want to be reminded for.
  • Set different icon for every person on birthday reminder list.
  • You can sort any stored data by column.

Download birthday reminder [link] program to never forget upcoming birthdays and other important events. Portable version of this application is also available for use on pen drive.

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  1. It is very RUDE thing to forgetting birthdays in Turkey. If you forget your friend or lovers’ birthday who from Turkey, forget her/him too.

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