Create Online invitation for your party or event


Are you planning to host a party? How about sending party invitation in web 2.0 style? Invite43 is cool web service that allows you to create online invitation for your party or any other event. You can select any sub URL like and forward it your friends.

To get started, just enter the name of your event, select sub URL like, enter your email address and password to manage your online invitation. Checkout this sample invite page with number of elements that you can add and customize on your invitation page.

There is Google Map showing location of your party and list of people YES or NO for the party. Besides, you can customize and display your own customized party invite message complete with party date, time and venue. Invite43 to create online invitation for your party in web2.0 style!



  1. i printed some party invitations on my high resolution inkjet printer just to invite some friends ‘,.

  2. we always love to be given party invitations and when we organize our own party, we also love to send party invivtations “”

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