Send self future email reminder with Google Calendar


Do you have habit of forgetting important events and things to-do? Maintaining a full blown to-do manager is not cup of tea of every PC user due to time constraints. Even without to-do manager routine, you can stay updated on important (future) events of any specific time – date using¬† ‘Google Calendar’ online tool.

Compose future Email on Google Calendar

1. Goto & login using Google, Gmail a/c.
2. Click “Create Event” link at top left.
3. Then enter event title & your (future) date – time.
4. Enter location details (optional) & email ID to receive reminder.

5. Type event description for which you need reminder email in future.
6. Make sure you select ‘Email’ as reminder under ‘options’.
7. Click ‘Save’ button & your are good to receive reminder at specified date.



  1. That’s a fantastic tool from Google. I am using a lot for my all day to day routines.

  2. It does do sms and email. I had my daughters college schedule in my gmail calendar and set it up so it would both text me and email when she was in class so I would not try to call her and interupt class I eventually took off the emails, I only put those on ther because the geek in me wanted to see if it owuld do both at the same time and it got kind of bothersome so I turned those off. My wife said I wish i knew when she was in class so i didn’t try to call her so ijust added her to the list that got the text and then she started getting them also. it really works great.

  3. Check out the if you want free web service that sends you random to-dos at random time…

  4. that is very great, thanks.
    but still it is limited, can’t send scheduled email.

  5. We can also set to send the reminder via sms

    • I don’t see an option for reminder via SMS. I only see “Pop-up” and “Email”. Am I missing something?

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