Add color & icons to events in Google Calendar

If you are a regular Google Calendar user, you may have encountered issue of too many events cluttering the view without easy method for quick identification. Now you can use different colors for each calendar event and make it stand out while you checkout calendar contents as whole.

Different time zones for events in Google Calendar

While planning event(s) that is spread across different countries, calculating time zone differences is very important task. You need to check on specific time zone difference of specific countries and mention time accordingly. Now you can manage all this easily using 'event time zones'

Add Google Calendar invitation to emails in Gmail

Now you can access Google Calendar functionality within Gmail inbox for easier functionality. You can directly insert and add calendar invitation to emails composed within Gmail. This eliminates the need to toggle between Gmail and Calendar interface. You can pop-open calendar to view

6 ways to Send future Email [Gmail, Outlook, Tools]

Future is uncertain but technology can guarantee few things with certainty like sending an email message to specific person at any future date and time. There are number of ways and resources to send a future email reminder at a click of a button. Checkout following methods (just hope

Send self future email reminder with Google Calendar

Do you have habit of forgetting important events and things to-do? Maintaining a full blown to-do manager is not cup of tea of every PC user due to time constraints. Even without to-do manager routine, you can stay updated on important (future) events of any specific time - date using 

Sync Lotus Notes Calendar with Google calendar

Google Calendar is a cool online application to manage and keep track of important events. You can sync Google Calendar with almost any services. You can also sync Lotus Notes Calendar with Google Calendar using free portable Calendar Synchronizer tool. It allows access to Lotus Notes

Track latest Holidays & sport events in Google Calendar

Tracking holidays and your favorite sporting events has become real easy for Google Calendar users. Now you can add specific holiday calendar to your Google Calendar account and keep track of upcoming holidays or any holiday date throughout the year. You can also keep track of upcoming

Google Calendar Labs: Add docs, world clock & background image

Labs features (also called experimental features) has been well appreciated in Gmail. Google has now introduced labs feature in Google Calendar, these features are experimental and are useful to only selected Google Calendar users. It allows you to add additional functionality and plugs to

Google drops Beta tag for Gmail, Docs, Calendar & Gtalk

"... We get asked all the time why Google keeps its products in beta for so long. And Gmail, five years after launch, is consistently a subject of this questioning, even of jokes." Google has acted uponto address such questions (and jokes... errr) by dropping BETA tag from its app

Google Calendar alert reminders on desktop, Gminder

Are you tired of keeping browser window open to track and remain updated with events in Google Calendar? Now you can avoid all this with Gminder desktop client and close web browser window showing online Google Calendar. Gminder is a small programs that sits in system tray and give you

Manage Orkut friends birthday with Google Calendar

Ideally we have lot of friends added to our Orkut account. Remembering birthday of each friend and wishing him / her 'on-time' can be an ask. Now you can easily manage and wish Orkut friends 'Happy birthday' in timely manner without much effort using Google Calendar. Orkut profile page

Offline Google Calendar access

Looks like Google is in serious mood to offer its popular web services in offline mode. Recently, Gmail went offline with the power of Google Gears and now its turn of Google Calendar. Google Apps users like Mark noticed option to go offline with Google Calendar powered with Google