6 ways to Send future Email [Gmail, Outlook, Tools]


Future is uncertain but technology can guarantee few things with certainty like sending an email message to specific person at any future date and time. There are number of ways and resources to send a future email reminder at a click of a button. Checkout following methods (just hope recipient is there to receive your future email, at sometime in future).

1. Use Gmail to Send future email

By default there is no feature in Gmail to send future email, not even a Labs feature. However, there is a workaround to use Gmail for sending future emails. First step involves setting up POP / IMAP configuration to access Gmail in Outlook. Second step involves using Email Scheduler plugin for Outlook (not free plugin).

2. In.com web based Future Email

Unlike Gmail, Yahoo: web based email service at http://www.in.com provide Future Mail feature to every in.com email account.

During launch days, in.com email web service was also touted for web’s shortest email address at in.com

3. Use Delay email feature in Outlook

Ideally an email is sent immediately when you click send button in Outlook. There is option to delay sending of email to specific date – time in Outlook. In the message window click ‘options’ button (or goto View > Options). Under ‘delivery options’, click to tick ‘Do not deliver before’ option. Then enter future delivery date and time information.

Delayed email will be held to Outbox and will be send automatically at specific date (provided you are connected to internet at that date and time).

4. Thunderbird ‘Send It Later’ plugin

You can try experimental ‘Send it Later’ extension for Mozilla Thunderbird to delay sending of messages. It works on same concept as explained in above point 3 for delaying messages in Outlook.

5. Use Google Calendar for future email

You can use Google Calendar online tool for purpose of sending future emails. To get started: create an event, select any future date – time, specify email ID. Google Calendar will automatically send you email at specified date in future to provided email ID. More details here

6. Online tools, apps for Future Email

There are number of stand-alone web apps, tools to send email at any specified future time and date. Only concern, if these will exist or work at actual future date of email delivery. Here are few such tools:

futureme.org / mylastemail.com / futuremail.bensinclair.com / lettermelater.com / youscribbleyou.com / hitmelater.com / mailfreezr.com

Which is your favorite method of sending future email? Option number 6 of web tools looks very attractive for simple reason of ease of setting up and composing future email, what say?



  1. Thanks for this. In the end I’ve gone with lettermelater, it has a lot of functionality and does exactly what I need it to, in a very nice, streamlined, intuitive way. I can create a post in gmail and then get it sent at the right time by sending it to lettermelater. Way cool.

  2. Also check out Tout (toutapp.com). Not only do we let you schedule e-mails for delivery, we also help you create e-mail templates and track views/clicks.

  3. I use CoTweet (any major twitter client can do this) to post a direct message in the future. Twitter will send direct messages as a short email to the person too.

  4. I like another online tool – myfuturemail.net
    Easy to use and design is quite good.

  5. Useful tip. I normally use lettermelater.com


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