1. malik abdullah says

    how can i change my id and create new account on facebook

  2. After creating a shmessenger account i triend to access my facebook chat throught shmessenger multichat app in my mobile. But log in faild. Then i exit the app and tried to log in facebook with pc but facebook asked me to varify my account by identifying photo tags, but i forgot my friends tag. So now i am unable to log in. Is not shmessenger liable for this? whouever pls suggest me something

  3. pl tell me how to change my login id on facebook

  4. My faCebook on my BB does not work I need 2 use my email 2 login but still dosent work

  5. mudassar mahmood says

    i delete my acount

  6. how can i chage my phone no id into mail id on facebook. i want that my mail address is use as login please rply fast

  7. I can’t open my facebook account 2 weeks already. Everytime I login its operation aborted, bot connected to internet, restarting internet, etc. I can open other websites except facebook. What’s the problem with facebook? Is it faceout? Tell me whats wrong with your website?

    Please do something about it.

  8. manoj choudhary says

    i have signed up in facebook with phone number i have to change it and keep my email id in facebook but i cant

  9. thanks a lot

  10. how can i make email and facebook

  11. ha

  12. change face book profile.

  13. how can i change face book profile

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