Let Gmail Remind you for Email Attachments

You have just hit the 'send' button and forgot to attach the file you wrote about in the email. Yikes, need to write another email with attachment! 'Forgotten Attachment Detector' is new Gmail

Re-Snooze Yourself & never forget important tasks

Reminders are very important to stay in-tune with all important tasks in daily life. While there is free web service for twitter addicts to get reminder to post on twitter every few minutes, here is something for techno crowd at large. Re-snooze makes the process or “emailing

Let your Computer remind you about important stuff

Pester yourself with repeated nag messages about important things you need to do. Just like Twitter40 reminds you to update twitter every 40 minutes, PesterMe is a small utility that will never let you miss a thing! It allows you to create your own repeating nag message, that will