Check total time spent on Twitter with Tweetwasters


If you are a Twitter addict, then you must be spending loads of time on Twitter. Tweetwasters is an interesting website to calculate your Twitter addiction in hours. Just enter you Twitter username and hit the calculate button.

It will show number of tweets associated with twitter account and time spent on Twitter. For example: This user has 753 total tweets and assuming they spent an average of 30 seconds per tweet they’ve spent 22,590 Seconds or 377 Minutes or 6.28 Hours or 0.26 Days using Twitter.

It also show your Tweetwaster rank based on time you waste (or spend) on Twitter. Homepage list recent Twitter users and their respective time spent on Twitter. While you get high rank for loads of Twitter usage, for users on other side on fence be prepared to see catchlines like –  “… Hmmm. Only 1.19 hours. Are you this boring in real life?”. Checkout Tweetwasters


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