See Age, Sun sign & Chinese Year for Date of Birth

Are you too old / young to calculate your age figure accurately? Like many of us, sun sign identification is too confusing process? Small portable tool "Age difference" can tell such information for any "Date of Birth" without causing too much strain on thinking brain. Besides age and sun

Calculate Age & Lifespan in years, months, weeks, hours

If you are bad at calculating dates / days, then "the Age Calculator" can be very handy. It is a free application to calculate the Age details on the basis of provided birthday date and current date. It accurately shows the age result in the form of years, months, weeks, days, hours,

Check total time spent on Twitter with Tweetwasters

If you are a Twitter addict, then you must be spending loads of time on Twitter. Tweetwasters is an interesting website to calculate your Twitter addiction in hours. Just enter you Twitter username and hit the calculate button. It will show number of tweets associated with twitter