Calculate total playback time of music files in folder

Ideally playback time of each music track file is listed. Problem arises when we want to know total playback time of all music files in a specific folder or drive partition. One way is to manually calculate total play time by adding playback time of each music track contained in a folder.

Show multiple clocks on Windows 7 taskbar

Do you want to display multiple clocks of different country and timezones? You can easily do this on Windows 7 taskbar using in-built feature of "Additional Clocks". It allows you to add and show two additional clocks on the taskbar. Using this, you can easily track current time of upto 3

Check local Sunrise & Sunset time using Google

Do you want to see sunrise and sunset time for your city or town? You can easily do that using good old Google Search anytime. Besides searching the web, Google Search can be used for lot of other things like weather forecast, cricket updates, calculator, currency converter and lots more.

Run & use programs with different date & time

Do you want to use applications with specific date - time settings without changing normal system date -time? This is possible using portable tool "Run As Date". It allows you to specify any date and time for any program on your computer and use it accordingly. Utility does not change the

Batch edit date & time attributes of multiple files

By default, each file on computer hold information of date and time it was created, accessed and edited. You may want to change date and time information associated with specific file and this can be easily done using 3rd party utility. We have already seen, File Touch utility and

How to change Date & Time on iPad

Is your iPad not showing correct date or time information? You can easily configure and correct date - time on iPad from Settings menu. You can switch between 24hours to 12 hours time clock or vice-versa from settings screen. You may have to use this feature while travelling to a different

Display analog clock & time in Chrome

Want to stay updated with current time and date while browsing internet in Google Chrome browser? Date Today Chrome extension display date and time information in cool looks and format. It shows time in the form on small analog clock on the top menu bar. You can click the clock icon to see

Change ‘Created & Modified’ date & time of any file

Right click on any file (say image file) and then click on properties option. File properties dialog box will show "create and modified" date and time of that specific file. You can easily change this information for any file on your computer. We have already seen NewFile Time utility for

Show Date Time on titlebar of active window – cool tweak!

Are you too obsessed with current date and time? If yes, then TBDT (Titlebar Date Time) can help by displaying date and time information on active window. This small utility show current date and time on the right side of the title bar of an active window. It sits on the system tray and

Display System UpTime on desktop screen

Want to stay updated on time your computer has been up and running? SUTM (System Uptime Monitor) is small utility that show computer uptime (in days, hours, minutes, seconds) on the desktop screen. It shows this information in stylish and cool looking blue dialog box. It also show date and

Download desktop Stop Watch Timer

Do you need a virtual stopwatch to keep check on lapsed time? OnlyStopWatch is a portable stop watch timer to measure time lapsed from the start point. It shows time in digital format with big font display with milliseconds precision. Being portable you can carry it anywhere in your USB

Sync computer Clock with online Atomic Clock

Sometimes, system clock may show incorrect date and time information. Most accurate way for correct system time can be had through syncing of computer system clock with online atomic clock (online clock server holding accurate time and date information for every place in the world). You