Calculate Age & Lifespan in years, months, weeks, hours

If you are bad at calculating dates / days, then "the Age Calculator" can be very handy. It is a free application to calculate the Age details on the basis of provided birthday date and current date. It accurately shows the age result in the form of years, months, weeks, days, hours,

Measure & compare StartUp time of different applications

Every application software on the computer take different time to fully load for the use. Are you interested in measuring and comparing startup time of different applications installed on the computer? PassMark AppTimer is a portable utility that runs (executes) specific applications on

Change date – time stamp details of files & folders

Do you want to change date and time information associated with specific file or folder on the computer? NewFile Time utility allows you to make such changes using very neat and easy to use interface. To get started, just drag and drop any file in the application window (or use import

Free software to add effects, text, bubbles to photos

PhotoTitle is a free software to perform basic photo editing tasks. You can add comments, time stamps, pictures and thinking bubbles to your digital photos. It allows you to format font properties while adding text or title to photos. You can also add the date and time to photo extracted

Online countdown (egg) timer in browser, on time!

You are cooking something and also working on computer. You need to cook for 10mins more and looking at clock is so boring. How about launching an online timer and receive reminder after 10 mins? Timer makes this dead simple and very easy to stay sync with different activities and

See email sender time zone & current time in Gmail

While on internet we do not care about geographical barriers and often communicate with people from other countries and regions. Each country has different time (& time zone) at any given point of time. Sending email to a person in middle of the night is not a good idea. Instead,

Display different timezone clocks on Windows desktop

Do you need a clock showing time of different countries? This may be required if you have relatives living abroad or you work with people from other countries. There are different ways to implement this depending on the operating system being used. End result displays time of different

Check total time spent on Twitter with Tweetwasters

If you are a Twitter addict, then you must be spending loads of time on Twitter. Tweetwasters is an interesting website to calculate your Twitter addiction in hours. Just enter you Twitter username and hit the calculate button. It will show number of tweets associated with twitter

Customize Time Format on ebay pages to Local Time

Does time listing on ebay pages confuse you? Want to get more comfortable with time format on ebay pages? Checkout MyTimeZone, it is a cool firefox addon for customizing time on ebay pages. It automatically converts times on eBay pages to

Calculate Distance between Cities using ZipCode

Going for a long drive and you need to know the distance - time for the journey? Well, you can use your computer and internet to check distance and time before you hit the road. Distance Check is a handy web service that tells you distance (in miles) and average driving time (in

World Clocks in Firefox Status Bar, Stay Updated !

Time is very important - nowadays most of us tend to use mobile phones to see time while wrist watches and clocks are passe. You can use good old Google to check current time and other ways like World Time Engine. How about your customized World Clocks in Firefox browser status bar?

How to Change Vista Clock Display from 24hr to 12hr?

Time is displayed in two formats - 24hrs and 12hrs. For example after 12:59, either 13:00 (24hrs format) or 1:00 (12hrs format) is displayed. If you are using default settings for the United States, system will have 12-hour clock settings and for other countries/regions use 24-hour